Sitting for more than 8 hours per day?
Not getting enough Exercise every day?
Get Motivated - Get FitnessBet.

FitnessBet is a Fitness & Gaming app that helps you to stay motivated to exercise regularly. You are not alone - We bring friends to your challenge.

How to Play

1. Connect Activity Tracker Device

Connect your fitness tracker to personalize your fitness goal

2. Join Game

Select a private/public group that fits your goal & Bet into the pot

3. Hit Goal

Move & Exercise to reach your personalized fitness goal

4. Win & Share the Pot

Hit the weekly goal and split the Pot with other winners

Join a Fitness Group

Private Group

Invite friends – Set your Bet

Keep in Shape

Burn 50% extra calories Bet $10

Body Shape

Burn 75% extra calories
Bet $15

Burn Fat

Double calorie burn
Bet $20

Iron Man

Burn over 1000 kcal daily
Bet $30

Create a Private Challenge with Friends

Connect your Activity Tracker Device

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