FitnessBet Rules

Apple does not sponsor FitnessBet in any way. No prizes are provided by Apple.

Note: Private Group has special rules, read at the end of this page.


Age requirement & Health notification

Participate in a FitnessBet game only if your health permits and you must be at least 18 years old. Consult with a qualified healthcare provider before participating if you have any issues that could be impacted by the activity required for FitnessBet game. Players assume all risks of their participation.


Game duration & Publish results

Each FitnessBet public game takes 1 week. The game always starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. 

FitnessBet private game has 1 or 2 weeks duration. The start date of private game is flexibly set by host.

Players should sync their fitness tracker with FitnessBet app within 6 hours from the end time of the game. FitnessBet will publish the game results within 12 hours from the end time of the game.


Sync fitness tracker device

Sync your fitness tracker daily by opening FitnessBet app to update your calorie burn. Keep in mind to sync your device within 6 hours from the end time of the game. If you forget to sync the device before the end of the game, you can still get the game results but you might miss the latest counted calorie burn.


Calorie burn Verification & Measurements

While connecting fitness tracker to FitnessBet app, FitnessBet will establish a connection to get daily active calorie burn. If your account or your data provided by fitness tracker is flagged for suspicious behavior pattern, we might require additional data from you to validate your participation.

Active calorie burn must be tracked by fitness tracker connected to FitnessBet app and can not be altered or manually modified by players. If players don’t sync their fitness tracker to FitnessBet app within 6 hours from the end of the game then the last calories will not be counted in their game results. If player’s fitness tracker fails to track their calorie burn then these calories will not be counted. We can not reverse disqualifications caused by uncharged, broken, unsynced or lost devices.


Player goals

FitnessBet calculates for each player and each public game group an unique and personalized fitness goal based on historical active calorie burn or step data from their fitness tracker device. In addition, our algorithm estimates the percentage weight loss corresponding to these target calories. When a player participates in several weekly games, our algorithm applies a smoothing on your active calorie burn using the historical data of previous playing weeks. This smoothing will help set a new weekly goal more realistic and reflective of your exercising habits.

Note that the percentage weight loss is an estimation based on your calorie burn that doesn’t necessarily and accurately reflect your real weight loss. This is because the calorie intake from your daily food also plays an equally important role in your weight loss process. However, keep up with exercises and following a healthy diet will help you manage efficiently your weight.

For Private and Iron Man groups, FitnessBet does not establish player fitness goal. We instead calculate the top performing players in terms of highest percentiles of average calorie burn during the game durartion. Each group has its specific condition to reward the top players.


Game groups

FitnessBet has Public and Private groups. Players can participate in any public group except Iron Man group. To be able to join Iron Man group, players must have a daily active calorie burn at least 1000 kcal. This calorie data is extracted from player’s fitness device by FitnessBet.

Players can create a Private group and become the host of this group. The host can invite friends, set the bet amount and the win condition for their group.



Hit your weekly goal and you are a winner. For Private and Iron Man groups, FitnessBet will calculate the top performing players based on their calorie burn. The winners of these groups are selected based on the specific win condition of each group. 


The Pot

Winners share 85% of the pot. FitnessBet takes 15% the gross pot to pay app development & optimization, maintenance, server and other administrative fess. 


Cash out

Winnings are deposited in player account as Points after FitnessBet publishes the game results. Players can use Points to enroll in new games or request to cash out at any time. The money will be deposited to the player’s account after 48 hours of the request. Cash-out can be requested from 11 points and points are valid for 12 months.


Bet payment

Bets for all FitnessBet games must be paid up-front. The bet amount for Public groups is set by each game group through FitnessBet. For Private Group, the host – player who creates the group – will set the bet amount from $0 to $100. The payment is performed via Paypal or with Points.



No refunds will be made. If you have any health problems that prevent you participating the game, please email us at


Simultaneous games

Players can play one public game and 1 private game at a time. 



All decisions by FitnessBet shall be considered final.


Prohibited actions

Players caught engaging in prohibited actions shall be ejected from FitnessBet without refund of their bets. The following actions are prohibited:

  • Engaging in activities that falsely increase, decrease or otherwise manipulate the data on calorie burn or steps, e.g. manually modifying calories or steps within your fitness tracker.
  • Tampering with the measurements reported by your fitness tracker.
  • And other activities determined to be unsportsmanlike (defined in the next section) by FitnessBet.


Unsportsmanlike activities

FitnessBet aims to create a supportive, social and fun environment that helps players become more active and motivated to exercise and lose weight. However, there may exist dishonest players who may ruin the atmosphere and experience of all players. To avoid all these risks and to create a fair, respectful and trustful playground for everyone, we ask our players to follow FitnessBet’s guidelines:

  • Be honest and play fair: No manipulating the calorie or step data registered in your fitness tracker. No colluding, betting on a game group you are not competing in, betting on someone other than yourself.
  • No harassment of players. No posting, commenting with the purpose of inciting negative reactions from other players, no threats, suggestions of harm, or personal insults.
  • No sharing of other players profiles, information, data without their permission.
  • No business, product, or self-promotion posts in the games.

We may remove your posts or comments or remove you from a game without a refund if you violate FitnessBet‘s guidelines. If you discover a post/comment that violates these guidelines or you find harmful, you can report it to us by taking a screenshot of the post and sending it to along with information of the game group.


Rules for Private Group

  • Any user can create a private group and be the Host.
  • Game duration: 1 – 2 weeks.
  • Start date of the game: any time at least 2 days after the game is created.
  • Bet amount: Free – $100.
  • Winning: Be in the Top 10% – Top 50%.

The Host has right to:

  • Set the game duration
  • Set the Bet amount
  • Set the winning condition
  • Set the start date of the game
  • Invite players
  • Remove players: removal is allowed at least 24 hours before the start of the game.
  • Cancel game: cancellation is allowed at least 24 hours before the start of the game.


  • No refunds will be made when the game starts.
  • In case of game cancellation or player removal from the Host, the refund will be deposited by Points into player’s Wallet (a service fee of 6% is in charge of the Player). Players can request the cash-out from their Wallet or use points to pay a new game.



Please review FAQ Section as it contains common questions and answers on e.g. FitnessBet app, game groups, how to play. Your use of FitnessBet‘s sites and software and your participation in FitnessBet‘s games constitute acceptance of FitnessBet‘s Terms and Conditions and its Privacy Policy, and any modifications that may be made to them over time.