Active Calorie Burn

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Active calorie burn is an estimate of the calories you burn over your daily activities such as moving, walking, running and exercising.


You can track your calorie burn via fitness and activity tracker devices like smart watch or mobile phone with integrated fitness app (e.g. Apple Health, Google Fit). These numbers aren’t totally accurate but they are great tools to monitor your fitness goal and progress.  


If you create a calorie deficit of 500-1000 kcal/day then you would expect to lose 1-2 pounds/week which is a safe and sustainable number.


By monitoring your calorie burn, you can balance your activity output and calorie intake, hence help you control or lose your weight.

Why FitnessBet?

FitnessBet helps Players boost their activity levels, achieve higher fitness goals by customising specific, individual calorie burn plan based on their historical data collected from fitness or activity tracker devices. FitnessBet app tracks and monitors user’s daily calorie burn, calculates their target calorie for each gaming group and estimates their percentage weight loss at the end of each game. FitnessBet algorithm calculates in advance the daily calorie burn for each user based on their current progress so that Players can accomplish their goal.


We believe participating in a like-minded group sharing the same exercising goals brings on positive challenge and motivation. Players not only get to lose weight but also have fun, relieve stress and socialize.

Keep in mind to wear your fitness tracker device while exercising or engaging in physical activity to update your active calorie burn. We encourage all Players to exercise frequently and eat a healthy diet to maintain your long-term healthy life. 

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