FitnessBet FAQ

What is FitnessBet?

FitnessBet is a Health & Fitness app designed to monitor, inform, and help users achieve their fitness goals. We interact with fitness or activity tracker devices to track user active calorie burn.


Is FitnessBet gambling?

FitnessBet is not gambling but it is a health and fitness app to support and motivate users to exercise and lose weight. The core concept of FitnessBet is fundamentally based on player calorie burn through physical activity and exercise, and not an element of chance. In other words, whether or not you win is in your control, not random like gambling.

The Bet of all games is controlled by FitnessBet with a reasonable amount up to maximum $100 per game.


How does FitnessBet collect data?

FitnessBet uses calorie burn or step data recorded in fitness or activity tracker devices such as Apple Health, FitBit.


How does FitnessBet calculate active, target calorie burn and estimated weight loss?

Active calorie burn: when connecting fitness tracker to FitnessBet app, FitnessBet algorithm will calculate an unique and personalized calorie burn for each player based on their historical calorie burn or step data.

Target calorie burn (or fitness goal): FitnessBet uses the current active calorie burn of each player and the goal (percentage of extra calorie burn) of each game groups to calculate a target calorie burn for each player in each group.

Estimated weight loss: According to 3500-Calorie rule: A pound of fat stores 3500 calories and therefore, in order to lose one pound of body fat, a 3500 calorie deficit must be achieved by diet or exercise – FitnessBet estimates the percentage weight loss based on the current, target calorie burn and the input weight of each player.


What is the game duration?

All games are one week long that start on Monday and end on Sunday.


What is a Private Group?

A Private Group can be created by any player. This player becomes The Host and has the power to invite friends, set a bet amount ($10-$100), define condition for winners.


What is Iron Man Group?

The Iron Man Group has a high requirement of daily active calorie burn. To be able to participate in this group, player should have at least 1000 calories burn per day.


How often should I sync my tracker device?

You can sync your device whenever you want to check your progress by opening FitnessBet’s app. The most important is that you should sync your device within 6 hours of the end time of the game. This latest sync will help FitnessBet to collect your latest calorie burn data for your final results.


How much do I have to bet?

Bet amount can vary from game to game but bet range is $10-$30 for public groups and $10-$100 for private group.


What is FitnessBet cut of the pot?

FitnessBet takes 15% the gross pot to pay app development & optimization, maintenance, server, and other administrative fees.


How do I win money?

If you hit your personalized active calorie burn goal for the entire game then you split the pot with other winners.The winners will get back their money plus a profit.


What happens if everybody in the game group are winners?

If there are no loser in a game then you will get your bet back with a small cut for FitnessBet’s fee. 


Who are the top 30%?

For Iron Man and Private groups, the winners are the top 30% of highest performance in terms of average calorie burn during the game duration.

Example: Top 30% of 10 players are 3 winners!


Can I change my fitness tracker device?

You can change your fitness tracker device from Your Profile Setting. The change can be made before joining a game, but not in the mid-game.


What if my fitness tracker doesn’t record my calorie burn during the game?

It is your responsibility to keep your tracker on you, charged, and in good condition during the game. We cannot reverse disqualifications that result from your tracker device being lost, out of battery, or broken.

Keep in mind to have your fitness tracker with you when you perform any physical activity or exercise.


If you have any other questions or need support, please send email to